It's Finally Here!
We're Coming To Switzerland🇨🇭

4-Day Shamanic Medicine Retreats This August & September...

Retreat Benefits

  • Raise Your Level of Consciousness: The retreat will help you to experience your true nature - realise who you really are.
  • ​Transform Your Mind, Body and Spirit: The retreat will give you a full holistic cleanse which gives one the feeling of being reborn. 
  • ​Gain Clarity on Your Life's Purpose: As you experience your true nature, you will gain clarity and insight on what the next steps are for you in life.
  • ​​Let Go of Limiting Patterns: Awareness is transformative - the retreat allows you to become aware of and let go of what's holding you back.
  • ​​Become a Light For Others: As you grow and evolve through the retreat, you naturally become a beacon of light for other people. 
  • ​​Build Real Relationships: We'll treat you as one of our family members when you come to the retreat - relationships that last a lifetime.

What's Included

  • 4 Amazonian Plant Medicine Ceremonies
  • ​2-3 Frog Medicine Purifications (the medicine of the two-coloured Philomedusa frog)
  • Individual, Personalised Bio-Psychotherapy with Sabina
  • ​Other Amazonian Medicines
  • ​Conscious and Healthy Eating
  • ​Comfortable Accommodation
  • ​Shamanic Music with Gokula and Renato
  • ​Lots of Healing...


Ferienhaus Grossegg, 8496 Steg

Retreat Dates

Limited to 12 people per retreat!

24th August - 28th August

31st August - 4th September

7th September - 11th September

14th September - 18th September 

21st September - 25th September 

Countdown till first retreat

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4-Day Retreat Price

1200 CHf
  • 4 Amazonian Plant Medicine Ceremonies
  • 2-3 Frog Medicine Purifications 
  • Personalised Psychotherapy Sessions
  • Live Medicine Music
  • ​Other Amazonian Medicines
  • Comfortable Accommodation and Healthy Food

Schedule Your Retreat

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